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Launching event in Berlin

The Web Marketing App


The web marketing app price – 349€

  Stav zilbershtein Considered one of Israel’s SEO gurus, has dozens of fans waiting anxiously for his posts in the official Duran Team’s Israeli Blog, Mr zilbershtein has over 10 years of experience in the web marketing field, countless hours of teaching and innumerable people who have attended his lectures and seminars. After establishing and owning 2 successful web-based businesses he founded Duran web services and later on ‘The web marketing app’


  Guy Bachar Have built his first website at the age of 10 and ever since deals and interrogates after algorithms and cost-effective web based marketing equations. Mr Bachar have written and interviewed not once about his agendas and thoughts in highly appreciated Israeli news magazines and television. The brains behind The Web Marketing App algorithm and co-founder at another web-based startup called Syndu (

?What is it all about



The evening plan

18:30 – Gathering
19:00 – Web Marketing montage
19:30 – Findings from Durans internal statistics Study cases
20:00 – How we save tens of thousands of euros a year on web marketing budgets
20:30 – How the web marketing app works

21:00 – A special treat for all attendees!

Whether you are a marketing manager, a project manager or a business owner, either you hire service providers, do it yourself or deploy an in-house team, don’t miss this evening!

Sing up now :

Oh… we should mention – this event is free.

See you there!