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 5 tips that will upgrade your AdWords campaign


If you feel you spend too much money on online advertisement, but receive low volume of calls, leads and sales – this 5 tips article is for you.

After reviewing numerous campaigns we have discovered that there are few fundamental notions that can cause a major budget spill outs, turning campaigns of high potential into a total failures and major disappointments for their owners.

We picked up a few tips, simple to perform, which will save you a lot of money and will increase your conversions:

1. Build two separate campaigns – separate the search network campaign (sponsored ads on Google’s search engine) and the Display Network campaign (sponsored ads that appear on various sites) is an important tool for optimizing campaigns, controlling the budget and analyzing the sources and keywords that are cost effective.

2. Focusing on location – targeting the population that lives near your business can increase the percentage of conversion and upgrade the return on your investment (ROI). People who know you are located nearby will contact you more easily than others.

3. Create dedicated landing pages – directing your surfers to a dedicated landing page, with content which is relevant to and highly oriented to the searched phrase they just typed will increase conversions significantly!

4. Create relevant ads – ads that contain the phrase that the user searches will increase the percentage of clicks immediately. Try using several ads to compare their level of efficiency.

5. Conversion code – the conversion code can tell you everything. Which ad or landing page are ruining your results, which time of the day is the best for you to appear and even which keyword can turn into a gold mine for you. Use the conversion code get control over your budget immediately!