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While most people are concentrated on bringing more traffic to into their website from different sources, whether it’s Google organic traffic using SEO activities, Social media activities or SEM (Search engine marketing) or other referral traffic, in many cases there is a tremendous miss out about the accurate way of using a website for marketing – therefore most of the traffic comes in and goes out without a real and direct impact on our profits and earnings.

The first thing to understand is the phrase ‘Internet marketing’. Surprisingly most people don’t establish their websites with a set predefined marketing goals and this way the website mainly focuses on introducing the company and its products or trying to roughly to sell them.

For example, a consultant’s agency, may choose to build its website like any other standard website. A nice home page that shows the company vision and approach, an about us page, some customer logos and a contact us page.

That way keeps the website in a manner of a simple business card and serves mostly people who have heard about it from you or your representatives in person, and now they just visit it for more information. After a while, when some marketing manager wants to expose the company to new markets  he will turn to service providers to launch an SEO, SEM, Social media or any other campaign that is trendy and looks attractive.

The outgrowth of those actions will be an incoming visitors graph rising up in numbers but new inquiries graph or incoming phone calls from new potential customers aren’t rising in the same manner or not rising in a manner that makes the whole investment profitable enough.

Actually this is no surprise. In most cases this simply means that there is a lack in understanding how to use a website for marketing properly.

Here are two important issues to help you elevate your incoming calls or inquires graph –

1. Define your websites marketing goals through one of the following (choose the ones that suits your business the most):

• Generate leads – (LEAD – a filled out form / inquiry made through your website)

• Collect emails for your newsletter

• Download a free / trial version of your service

• Get incoming phone calls

• Get new users registrations to your website

2. Ask yourself a simple set of questions after defining those goals:

• Are these goals implemented in your website?

• Is there a quick prominent access to your phone number from all of your websites pages?

• Is there an easy quick way to fill out an inquiry and is it accessible from every page on your website?

• Do you use compelling tips and offers in order to attract people to join your newsletter or is it just contain the text: “join our newsletter”?

• Did you make sure that the website actively promotes the user to perform these defined actions?

After following these steps you should already have a much clearer view of the right way to start making much more out of your website.

Good Luck