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While everyone is worried about their web marketing results –

Our clients sleep tight.


Because we do it by heart, and they know we take care of them.

When you love something so much, you just can’t make it less than perfect.

Google is constantly overturning results, Facebook soars but only few manage to elevate it for their own marketing benefits, estimating the success key factors is nearly impossible and on top of that – the jungle keeps on crowding with new players rising up every other second (LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and the list goes on).

Do you also feel that the web is a gold mine –

but only you don’t know how to dig?

So, it’s time to clean the desk.

It’s time to do only what is really necessary, and stop paying for what’s not.

Stop buying obscure services that cannot be measured and Start analyzing actions and calculate the cost effective ones.

Anything else just doesn’t make sense.

WE do not deal with confused customers, not knowing what they’re paying for – or what we provide. WE won’t work without assuring our effectiveness for you, because we don’t like getting paid for nothing.

We do want one thing – to serve you with all our heart.

That means our goods contain knowledge, much care and organizing tools – handy to you, for high control over your resources. Thus could YOU supervise and operate only the efficient campaigns, either done by you or with the assistance of service providers.  Thus could YOU be in charge of your own success in the web world independently from semi-professional web marketing specialists’ eloquence.

70% feel they’re not producing the best of their web marketing results

finally, there’s a way out of the statistics.


It ought to be done by heart,

And we are here for that.

Duran Team