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The old SEO is just too dangerous.

You should move to SEC – Search Engine Coverage

Search engine delivers the highest quality traffic to websites.

How come?

Because surfers are entering the search engine just to look for something, and when they find it among the results – it is accurate, fast, and right to the point of answering their need.

If they wanted a low rate mortgage they got it, yacht insurance – they got it too, massage table for their new clinic – they got it also. They just type it in and get their wishful desires. It is a whole lot different than reading the news and suddenly seeing a popping ad or reading about it in a PR article, it is where their needs are fulfilled, and they come only when they have needs.

If you are displayed as a high level ‘need answerer’ – you are immediately positioned in the top search results of the specific query so the surfers come directly to you, now you need to fulfill their needs… sounds like heaven? Well, it is.

The problem nowadays is that the crowd became much crowded and more and more websites are striving to promote themselves not once using dirty tricks to get the engine to prefer them above the others. Many SEO specialists know today that such methods are forbidden and can cause a severe penalty or even a permanent ban from the entire search engine. And still – search engine promotion is still highly desired but also tough to acquire.

That’s exactly why we came up with a new agenda

SEC – Search Engine Coverage

You don’t need to fight your way to the top of specific keyword – you need your website pages to appear in the first 10 results of dozens, hundreds or thousands of keywords! You need to be mentioned in other websites and not only in yours! You need to become an authoritative brand and get visitors with a fishnet and not a fishing rod.

SEC can include the following:

• Deep and vast keyword research

• Long tail strategy

• Code optimization

• Increasing SOV – share of voice

• Content optimization

• Meta tags optimization

• Link building campaign

• Social bookmarks and brand mentioning

• Advanced technical implementations (web master tools, analysis tools, tailor made mechanism, plugins and more)

• Rich snippets implementation

• Creative widgets and viral plugins

• Multi-domains operations

Together we can increase your exposure, elevate your rankings and maximize your search engine traffic. We can suggest you a tailor made package or empower one of your staff members as a SEC master.