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Your content is who you are.

Don’t you wanna look attractive?

In the online world your content is your mark – if you don’t have enough content, you won’t be remembered.

To be the best in the online arena you should maintain a sequential, rich and expanding content publishing process – not only to spread your word out, but also to root the brand in the right fields for it to grow and become high, vast and everlasting like a sequoia tree.

How to establish a flourishing content strategy?

Start sketching your plan using these few points:

1. Think about your brand.

What are its core values of service? Don’t use high words but rather talk about the blunt parts of life – those in which your actual service or goods deals in the costumers daily life.

2. What are the outermost limits of your brand values?

You ought to know your limits – if you will not set limits you cannot reach your target audience and the outgrowth will come as a scrambled and blurred content which will easily be flushed away in the gigantic online ocean

3. What is the mark you want to leave behind?

Any content you shift away leaves a mark about your brand – can you write the mark you want to leave behind them all?

You have to make it strong enough for it to catch the eye right on the start but not too strong so it won’t look too brusquely

Having that blueprint ready and your content strategy is almost 50% ready.

Now you need to look for resources, tools that can enable mass publishing methods, platforms in which you can post your content and wrap it all to a coherent and organized plan for you and your workers to execute constantly.

Need help with that? We are here to get it all done for you. From the first scratch of thought that lies behind the brand strategy until the operation itself (yes! We can even create the actual content for you in almost any language you need).

Types of content you need to rule an online empire:

• Posts

• Videos

• Images

• Infographics & data visualization

• Long articles

• Tips and messages series

• Newsletters

• Reviews

• Pin boards of useful contents

• Guides and step by step helpers

• Translations

• Forum threads

• Blog comments

• Tweets

• Statuses and stories

• Testimonials

Actually, we have some more ideas but if you have read this far you probably understand we can be very beneficial for you and your brand. Don’t hesitate – drop us a line and let’s start working together on growing your own mega-tree of online content.