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You don’t need a 1,000,000 views video -

you do need a powerful branded channel

Don’t aspire reaching those heights – it’ll only make you forget a crucial fact about video marketing – it is not the quantity, it’s the quality.

Not everyone can come up with enough budget to hire a giant agency, get Tom Cruise and fly to the Caribbean Islands and shoot a funny and hilarious video that will be the next old spice spree – and we strongly advice you not to take a loan for this kind of activities.

We do recommend, even strongly, finding the right way for you to create video materials that can spread your brand values and use the power of the video networks to reach targeted audience. But it has to grow organically from your business environment, from your everyday life as a service provider or a product manufacturer.

Just like simple content (because video is merely a rich content and not something else) it should be something useful for people to watch, take something out of it and move on with the remembrance of the maker and his data or values. Maintaining a constant video publishing can sum up into lots of views, shares and bookmarks that can impact even more than a onetime hit. You can also use video data, tags and their textual descriptions to catch and occupy high places in search engines (google, youtube and others).

We can help and advise you how to produce a high quality video channel. Contact us for more details regarding:

Tools and infrastructure:

• Platform research (Youtube, dailymotion, vimeo and more)

• Tags and content optimization

• Video responses

• ’Related videos’ optimization

• Adding likes, subscribers and viewing numbers manualy

• Editors and quality assurance

Video strategy and production:

• Video tips

• Testimonials

• How-to’s

• Video guides

• Presentations

• Slideshows

• And more