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70% are disappointed from their online marketing.

Why? They simply don’t analyze it.

You have to know where our money is invested, how many surfers it brings us, whether they are relevant or not, whether they look for products or services we offer or not, and of course – the million dollar question – were they converted from casual surfers into actual relationships, costumers or leads.

Had they called or left us an inquiry through any contact form?

Had they joined our newsletter community?

Had they shared one or more of our content with their friends?

All of those things and more are ought to be measured.

This is a part of a larger issue called ROI (Return on Investment) analysis and optimization. The goal of this process is to increase the resources invested on sources that yield profits, and reveal the places of which our money is wasted in vain.
You want to know the deep statistics of your website – which page is the strongest, which page leads most of the surfers to exit your domain, How many traffic sources you have and what are the top keywords (– search engine wise) leading surfers to your website. You want to get down to the specs and extract as much data as possible.

This knowledge is worth money, your money. It can save you tons of it.

But not only, a comprehensive analysis of the amount of resources coming out (it is also means your time, your manpower, service providers, etc.) and the amount of traffic and earnings that comes back in as a result of these efforts.
As soon as you understand all of that, you can finally find where your budget leaks and how to elevate your current resources into an abundance of profits. We can help you with that also.