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What is a Marketing Funnel?

We can easily assimilate its deep meaning through the following example:

If a big, well-targeted audience will view an ad, it is reasonable to assume that some of them will actually read it. Of course – not everyone who reads it will click on it, and not all of the people who clicked it and arrived at the following page will call you to purchase your product or service.

It is the true reality of any marketing process, even yours, even now – May it be online or offline, whether you refer to it as such or not.

Funnel optimization is the process of investigating each step in the many routes surfers are being driven into the process of becoming paying customers. From the initial exposure stage, the copywriting and ads quality, to the content, design and GUI (graphic user interface) of your website, call to action elements, briberies, tricks and marketing accessories you should implement along the way.

Sounds too much to handle?

It is, but we can simplify it for you or operate some or all of the process ourselves.

It is crucial to reach a point of normal and average leaving ratio (the amount of surfers NOT going to the next stage) between the funnel levels to succeed in your marketing efforts.

Contact us and we will work it out for you.

Funnel optimization components:

• Quality landing pages

• Re-marketing tools

• Call to action

• Marketing research to optimize exposure rate

• Analysis and measurement tools

• Email marketing and messaging series

• Content quality assurance

• Page speed and cast devices compatibility

• Trust encouragers

• Affinity increasers

• Bribes, freebies and presents

You can get more out of your current process; You only need to know where to look and what needs to be improved. Don’t hesitate to be assisted by us, you can spend less and earn much, much more.