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Vertical Control
and panoramic view


Years of experience led us to several crucial understandings:

1. Almost 70% of business owners and marketing managers don’t control their marketing efforts and expanses.

2. More than half of them don’t even know that (!)

3. The absence of knowledge is the mother of all their failures


We live in a world of trends.

Although internet marketing itself is not a trend anymore, the online arena is dense and crowded by many platforms and opportunities rising up every now and then. Business owners follow the latest trend brought up to them by communities, favorite media, colleagues, and most important – WEB MARKETING GURUS.

At start everyone talked about search engine promotion and wanted to be the 1st in Google, not too long before they realized they can Pay-Per-Click and buy the first place in a very comfortable price. Then came the blogging world and penetrated into the public talk, but without even noticing we forgot all of that and began longing for Facebook and other networks because the social trend have started blooming, while all along new smaller opportunities bursts up and disappear in the background of our efforts, leaving us with more bitter taste and a flavor that we just can never make the best out of the internet.

You need to possess an online strategy that will last through the trends.

You need a strategy that will only be elevated when the next Facebook will rise.

You need to regain control – vertically – on your knowledge, necessities and efforts.

We need to take heed from counselors that come to sell themselves rather than raise them to the heights of gurus that “think only about the clients’ needs”. Each one of them sells what he do best – SEO, SEM, SMO or any other narrow viewpoint.

First step – Knowledge

You ought to obtain enough knowledge and look for the service provider you really need, rather than look for a service provider that will tell you what he thinks you need according to his knowledge.

Second step – Strategy and necessities 

After acquiring enough knowledge you can contemplate a web marketing strategy that’ll point you directly to a crowd of potential clients. Having that will enable you to understand the specific needs you have right now to operate a successful step forward to manifest your entire strategy. SEO, programming, or social activities are only fractions of the whole picture and definitely not the roots – you need to be the painter and the all Seeing Eye all at once.

Third step – efforts and expenses

When you have good roots and trunk – you are in control and know exactly what you need to do in order to execute your strategy. Now you know exactly what you can do in-house or by yourself, and how to manage any service provider whatsoever. You are turning into a smart client – one who knows exactly what he needs and can appreciate good work. High quality service providers will cherish that and will work better for you.

Panoramic View

Looking at each frame of your internet division as a part from the whole is the mother of all your failures.

There are lots of “‘professional helpers’” that’ll advise you what to do – “now you need an Ecommerce shop”, “you need an SEO campaign”, or ” You gotta’ go social!” – But all of those suggestions only rise up from the point of view of the seller or the non-panoramic view of the confused clients’ that want something he heard about or yearn to be involved and trendy enough.

The internet seems to be full of gifts, and that’s true – but only by using them wisely could we get to enjoy the prosperity and abundance of its offerings.

Seeing the panoramic view of our marketing division gives us the bird’s eye view and reveals the crucial blank spots. Thus allows us to fix a broad problem rather than answer to specific need that will not necessarily be the root cause of our bad fortune…

We need to establish a powerful brand which emphasizes our differentiators and represent the core of our business in its name, logo, slogan and few sentences. Having that in an optimal GUI (Graphic user interface) is the second step in establishing an ultra-strong internet division – the GUI is like the store in which our potential clients are wondering around and being referred to the cashier. The third step is creating content strategy which will be aligned with the core brand values and (4th step – ) distribute them in quality media channels (search engine, online advertising platforms, social platforms etc). the 5th and 6th steps are aimed for optimizing the entire process and reaching to a point in which every effort spent returns with high ROI ratio.